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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 27, 2013 8:30am-9:30am PST

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gun control rallies... and n shows. the hearing on capitol hill that let's both si gun violnece. this weekend, a huge response to gun control rallies and gun shows. the hearing on capitol hill that left both sides sound off on gun violence. >> and we're starting out with mostly sunny skies around the bay area and this is a nice one with temperatures in the 50s. the forecast is coming up after
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the break. >> california's back, the budget is balanced and we're on the move. >> that is what has the state of california under his control. >> the governor and his upbeat outlook for california. how real is it? the political insiders on the state-of-the-state. >> it's 8:30, sunday, january 27th. thank you for joining us. i'm ann. >> i'm phil. we have a lot of news to cover. the state-of-the-state. what is the real state of california? and what is jerry brown thinking in the back of his mine when he looks to the future. >> and we're going to go to silicon valley and talk about what is going on with apple. the company gave wall street a shark last week and we have a tech expert. first, breaking news out of the south bay. the fire broke out at the lehigh cement plant in couper pinot -- cupertino this morning and that came in at 6 a.m. as of 745 tool, the fire was out and no injuries to report.
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firefighters are trying to figure out what caused the fire and what kind of damage might be left behind. we'll keep you posted on. that. developing news out of brazil. the worst night club fire in more than a decade. and at least 245 people killed and expected to rise with hundreds more injured. it happened at a night club in santa maria and broke out about 2:00 a.m. while a band was on stage performing. one security guard said they were at maximum capacity at the time and it was a chaotic scene, people pushing and shoving. >> and in the peninsula, two shooting attacks. one involved a 2-year-old boy and the mother. >> the shooting may have been gag related and happen immediate menlo park at quarter to 8:00 p.m. the police found the mom and son near mcdonald's in east palo alto. the car shot at was traveling on willow road. when the people inside got into
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a fight with people in another car and a park in the other car stuck a handgun out of the window and opened fire. the mother and son were sitting on 9 lap, both injured and they're in stable condition. they'res pictured to live and they at stanford medical center and have injuries to their legs. the child also has a grazing wound to the head and a deadly shooting in east palo alto a few blocks away from the other shooting. the paramedics were called in to a man shot in the head at capitol avenue and bell street at 9:00 p.m. the victim, 21-year-old laminute coleman died at the scene -- lamont coleman died at the scene. >> and the buyback program, cars lined up for blocks to turn in their guns yesterday. the people brought in all types of handguns and rifles and in exchange, got cold, hard cash. the buyback was a no-questions- asked event and anyone could bring in anything they had, no
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questions asked and, even items like a hundred-round magazine were turned in. >> there is a purpose for guns in our society. -for-under -- for hunting, for sport and any good hunter will say you don't need anymore than three to five rounds. if you're not good enough with three to five rounds, you probably shouldn't be hunting. >> more than 186 guns were turned in, including 74 assault weapons, 371 long guns and they will be destroyed. meanwhile, the nra and gun control advocates will have a chance to weigh in on the issue on alcohol it week. >> congress is holding a gun violence hearing on wednesday, the first since the president unveiled the gun control proposals. tatiana anderson has more on both sides of the gun control debate. >> reporter: thousands called for tougher gun control at ralliesars cross the nation. >> what do we want? >> champ. >> reporter: in washington,
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d.c., people carried signs with the names and pictures of gun violence victims. >> it's time to take assault weapons off of the street. >> reporter: they want a federal ban on assault weapons and mandatory background checks for all gun per chases. the shooting at sandy hook elementary school last month prompted the rallies. >> if it can happen in newtown, it can happen in any to, any city and any state until they make the federal laws. >> reporter: stacy mccoy blend walked in honor of seven-year- old chase kowalski, one of the 20 first graders killed in the massacre. a group from newtown joined the march on washington to demand safer communities. >> that means getting rid of the guns, get getting rid of the guns. >> reporter: police departments are helping. saturday, mondays -- hundreds of people from the west coast to the east coast packed buyback events. >> $$100. >> reporter: the program here has been going on for a month. the officers have collected
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about 600 weapons. >> take know a lot of pistols, shot -- taken a lot of pistols and shotguns. >> reporter: it's leading to huge crowds at gun shows. >> people are afraid their gun rights are going to be taken away and they want to get them now. >> reporter: many at the rallies want to get guns out of the hands of dangerous people and not take away everyone's second amendment rights. tatiana anderson for cbs news, bridgeport, connecticut. 8:36 and several -- several agencies are calling on the state to consider a less expensive alternative to governor brown's tunnel plans. he announced that plan for a mass of 35-mile twin tunnels to carry water from the delta to southern california. the agency then environmentalists want the state to consider a single scaled-down tunnel that would cost less than half of a proposed double tune. >> we're counting down -- double tunnel. we're counting down to the big game. >> the 49ers head to super bowl
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xlvii. they will start at 11:00 a.m. and go to the airport for their flight to louisiana. the game against the baltimore ravens happens next sunday at the super dome. for those of us planning to stay here in the bay area for the big game, you might be thinking about how you're going to go all out. >> and we're talking big parties next sunday. from cheers to smacks and big screen tvs, bay area fans show us how they getting ready this weekend. >> what kind of part are you going to have? >> now a big party. >> reporter: she's not alone now that the niners are in it to win it. people are getting ready for super game day get togethers. she bought a new tv. >> had to be in before the super bowl. >> reporter: she didn't stop there. >> added a sound bar. i think it will make watching the game cool. >> we have a lot of red-and- gold going on preparing for the craziness. >> reporter: they stocked up on everything from crazy glasses to 49er pinatas to necklaces
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with chickens on them. however random, this stuff is selling like hot cakes. >> anything red and gold, everyone wants to represent them right now. >> reporter: party supply store employee carl bernardo is excited for his team and store. >> i was jumping up and screaming. i was a huge -- i am a huge fan. >> reporter: any good party has a well-stocked buffet. >> it's good is karma for the niners, helping them win. >> reporter: some fans make sure to do their shopping this weekend so they were not too pooped to part the next. >> starts with a good meal. we hit up costco for the good deals and we're lady to -- ready to celebrate at our friend's house. >> reporter: with a winning combo of good food, new technology. >> it makes it more of an experience, i guess. >> reporter: and good spirits, should be quite a day to celebrate. >> go niners, we'rewying it and that is about it -- we're going to win it and that is about it. we're your super bowl station. we're sending a team of reporters to cover the super bowl in louisiana. it will include vern glen,
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michelle agreeing a or, our week day morning anchor and mike sugarman, who is driving there. >> that's right, giving you the road to nors with stories all along the way. meanwhile, ready for that big splurge before the big game? >> the plasma tvs are still the rock stars. >> some thises you need to know about buying a tv for your super bowl party. and a silicon valley giant disappoints wall street. is there any hope for apple and once mighty iphone. our conversation with a technology columnist for the san jose mercury news. >> sunshine in the bay area. the numbers are chilly and they'll finish chill. there is plenty of sun around. who will have the forecast a week ahead. ,,,,,,
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. it's nice starting out. the numbers began in the 30s and recover into the mid-50s toward the bay bridge. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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this week - an upeat govern brown in sacramento. his state of the state addr- optimistic....with the s et in the black fo this week, we saw an upbeat governor brown in sacramento.
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the state-of-the-state address is optimistic with the state budget in the black the first time in more than a decade. >> california's back, its budget is balanced and we're on the move. i think i k. we're going to get over the mountain. have no doubt about it. >> and his forecast for california, the good times are around the corner. >> and he said they're more than around the corner but the straightaway and we have turned and asked, informed the mayor and state ash semibly speaker brown and joe garafoli, how much of this is real and is about jerry brown himself? what was their read on? and who was the governor tacking to? >> i think he was talking to the people in washington and in particular tex, the people in iowa. >> wait a minute, are you saying this is a kickoff for the presidential bid? >> i think he was demonstrating clearly in 2013, the measure -- their able to perform in their
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own state and the state of california is number one. >> what was the reaction within the assembly? how did you read it? >> first of all, they still sort of in awe of him and he's come in in two years and balanced the budget. there is gone million dollars worth of bad debt here. and there is still pengs and this is -- pensions. this is one year. >> wait a minute. just a second. joseph. give him the opportunity. believe me, he's been there for something look 21, 22, 23, 24 months and to think of what we have done. >> in 2016, halfway through the term. >> absolutely. >> he has the state of california under his control, which is the way you should have if you're the governor. >> and all of the talk afterwards. the press is going to perez andsteinberg and thinking, when are you young the gluedgates? >> going to the democrats -- .
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>> no, no, we want -- and we'll see in may and look at the may revise. if the money's there and things stabilize, we'll look at coming back in the $15 billion worth of social programs. >> you did not see demonstrations in front of the capital or a collection of people screaming to have the cuts restored. you didn't see any of that and, therefore, legislator like perez and steinberg are not going to be the troubled tours on that stuff. they will wait for some action to come from other place. >> final question? the little engine that could. did it work? >> no, that was a little below him and he's got almost no credibility on being a child. >> totally worth it. can i see him reading a bedtime story. >> reporter: know someone with a lot of cred a little. >> and he'll -- credibility. >> he'll be here tomorrow morning and looks like things
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are stuny. -- sunny. things on the chilly side. the readings in the 30s. out the door, though, enjoying the sunny sunday, enjoying the low 40s and up about 10 degrees from there and have a nice day out of it with concord at 37 degrees and oakwood, 45; santa rosa with 36 degrees. the pinpoint weather, this is what we expect. the cooler air will move in and not as woman as yesterday and still, plenty of sunshine for sunday and we'll get cold more night and as a result, the temperatures cool down at night and nevertheless, the predominant feel of the day will be sunny skies and readings in the mid-50s and heading out tomorrow at sfo, mostly sunny skies. the wins out of the northwest and they scoured the fog from the bay area that we had
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yesterday and i'll be 54 at the airport tomorrow and new york's got a mix of rain and snow for monday. it will rain in denver and in chicago. we look okay to the southland for l.a. the pinpoint forecast, the mid- 50 asfor the bay area. 53 at concord and in the city, 55 in san thosay. nothing but sun -- san jose. nothing but sun and readings warming until next weekend and we will approach 60 degrees. in the meantime, sunshine and plenty of it. bundle up for the chilly nights tonight. >> okay. >> and chilly in terms of what temperature? >> it will be all the way into the upper 30s. >> yeah. >> and that is real. >> by california standards, yeah. >> exactly. >> sure. apple fans might be keeping tabs on new gadgets and apps released this week at mac world starting thursday in san francisco. hollywood movers and shakers will take center stage, including ashton kutcher and is to talk about his experience playing apple founder steve jobs in the movie that is
8:48 am
winning accolades. two big developments in silicon valley the past few days, apple disappointed wall street with the latest report. >> and netflix brought in a surprising net income of nearly 8 ms. tale of -- $8 million. tale of two techies? i don't know. we sat down with the personal technology columnist for the san jose mercury news. the first question is with apple, the giant, what is going on there? >> apple is going through a transition period right now and they are moving from a period of very high growth. they're growing as recently as a year or two years ago and revenue growth per quarter. year-over-year growth and phenomenal for a company as big as they are and they're slowing down. and the earnings didn't grow at
8:49 am
all. thaprinting the next quarter that earnings will decline. >> is this just a case of people having the iphone and waiting for the next version to come out? we heard it might come out next fall and some people are not buying right now until they loose the new thing. >> i don't think it's that so much. the iphone sales grew significantly and the problem is that people are trading in macs for ipads and they're trading in big ipads for smaller ipads. the problem is apple makes less money on the -- on the devices. they say the ipad meny is one of the least profitable products that they have and if they're selling a bunch of ipad minis and people are not buying the big ipads, apple's making less money fromy this. >> and if they're not buying the mac, they making less money as well. >> exactly. >> and we have a situation where tech is eating itself and is apple eating itself, you're selling more and making less? >> arguably, yes and what apple
8:50 am
would say is that apple would rather cannibalize its own sales than have someone else do it for them. they're being pressed, i think, to do this and that there are a bunk of new lower cost tablets out there and they had to come out with something like an ipad mini or they would have lost sales. they're in a tough position in the sense that they steal from theirop sales and make less profits or have someone else steal their sales and make no profits. >> right. >> the last big innovation from apple was the ipad and have been known for their crattist and innovation. we're not seeing big new launches from him. >> that isp -- from them. >> i think it's unfair to expect apple to come out with a wonder product every few years. >> right. how many times can you come out with them and convince people you need? >> right. the products have been fairly innovative.
8:51 am
the ipad meny from a pure -- mini from a hardware perspective and iphone 5 are innovative. >> and what is going on there? for awhile, they looked like they were in a slump and coming back or are they? >> they're in a better position today than a year ago. netflix is not out of the woods. you look at the amount of profits they posted in this current quarter, it was far below what they posted a year ago. and the problem netflix is having is similar with apple. they're trade a highly profitable business for a less profitable business. in netflix's cases are they have a dvd business making a lot of money for them and they're trading that for a streaming video business that doesn't make much money. if you look at what they were doing overseas, they're losing money. >> and goes to show you, tech is going to be an increasingly volatile business. >> it matters when it comes to
8:52 am
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super bowl fans looking to buy a new tv. >> julie watts explains what is the best actual size and best type of big screen tv for the big game. >> reporter: super bowl season is tv buying season and beats the holiday. >> i want a big tv 46, 50 inches. >> reporter: with so many options, plasma, led, smart tv, what is a football fan to do? >> the plasma tvs still tend to be the rock stars of the. >> reporter: the best bet for the big game is plasma. >> that not as thin as many of the l.e.d./lcds, not as success error errory and thought of as an older technology. we did our list of the best cheap, best value, and best high-end flat panel tv and a mass pla-- plasma model won in every category. >> reporter: mass plas -- plasmas handle position better. it will be crystal clear. >> and when you have the folks
8:56 am
over to watch the gail, you may overpack the living room and people are sitting here left and right in different shares trying to get a good look at the screen. a plasma is good at that. >> reporter: while l.e.d.'s may not be ideal for the big game, the picture is brighter and more vibrant for everyday viewing. when choosing a tv, size does matter. think 50-inch for the arm living room, which you should be able to find for under a grand and, while he said you do definitely want a 1080p, just how smart does your tv need to be? >> the so-called smart tvs, internet-connected tvs may not add a lot in terms of watching football or the super bowl. the nfl doesn't make much, if anything, available for streaming; however, you want a smart or connected tv going forward. i would not buy a new tv that doesn't have the features built n. >> reporter: the best day to buy the tv is the day after the super bowl, when price comes back down and buyer beware of a manufacturer who promises a
8:57 am
faster processor or something else setting them a part and they all use the same parts for the most part. a bay area team comes face- to-face with their past and one of the impressive goal counts. >> and kim has more on the sports. >> reporter: an old friend was the different last night and there he s. the former warrior with milwaukee. one minute to go, the warriors down five and make it two. the three pulling the warriors within a bucket. you have seen this before. and steal seals it for the buck. twenty for monte, golden state drops the second game in a row. the sharks and avs, stewart with the human hit and probably going -- going to leave a mark and did it again. the two more goals giving the goals on the year. the sharks shut out the avs for- 0 and usf at gonzaga. the son of john stock onhits
8:58 am
the three. usf loses 56-52 and better news for saint mary's, and scoring on the lay-up. and to pepperdine, 84-72 and the third round atitory pines. -- at torry pines. tiger resumes his quest later today weather permitting and that is a look at sports. we'll see you at 5:30. all right, coming up, a shark rebuke to the republican -- sharp rebuke to the republican party from one of its own. >> and a new hack attack on the u.s. department of justice website. the message from than aist group anonymous when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful down this weekend. the comp prodigy who the hack attack a government website shut down this weekend. the computer prodigy who inspired the hack attack by the dipital anarchist group anonymous. >> and plenty of sunshine around the bay area. we'll have the entire forecast coming up. >> my guess is that most people are going to back away and -- . >> to have the gun control debate, continues to heat up. the political insiders on what to expect for a d.c. gun violence hearing and that is coming up this week. >> welcome back to eyewitness news this morning. the time is 9:00.
9:02 am
it's january gone th. i'm phil. >> i'm ann. thank you for starting your sunday with us. we have a lot to talk about the next half hour, including the republican party. some harsh words from one of the leaders. we talked to a local member of the party to find out what is going on. >> and that's right. quite an interesting development on the national front and some developing news. >> and trying to figure out what started a fire in cupertino. firefighters got on scene around 6 this morning and contained the flames about 90 minutes ago and, luckily, no reports of injuries and finding out how much damage was done to the lehigh cements plant. >> in other news, two shooting attacks on the peninsula this weekend and one involved a two- year-old boy and his motor. >> and no arrests have been made yet. the shooting last night may have been gang related and happened in menlo park at 745 tool. the police found -- 7:45. the police found the injured
9:03 am
mother and son in mcdonald's in east palo alto. the car shot was traveling on willow road when the people inside of the car got into a dispute with people in another car and a passenger stick a handgun out and opened fire. the 21-year-old mother and her son sitting in 9 lap at the time were beating -- in the lap at the time were both injured and are in stable condition at stanford. they are expected to survive. the child has a grazing wound to the head and a fatal shooting in east palo alto happened a few blocks from where the menlo park victims were found. a man was shot in the head at capitol avenue and bell street at 9 last night. the 21-year-old lamont coleman died. >> and in another news, the city of santa clara is comparing to conduct a visual homeless count tuesday. it's done every two years and is required by federal rules to get federal funding. officials will get an idea of how many people are living in
9:04 am
unsafe and unsanitary conditions in the town compared to two years ago and there is a lot of outreach efforts going on and that is due to the trash left behind. it's due because residents are complaining about it. power has been restored in san francisco's south of market neighborhood and after a weird accident knocked it out yesterday. the larynx advertising banner being pulled from a plane, it fell off the plane and from the sky and into the power lines at 5th and branon street. caused power arcing, went out and the sign was made of plastic and metal and that hit two high-voltage wires. that is what caused the short. and an antiabortion walk in san francisco this weekend marks the 40th anniversary of roe . have a good day. wade. the walk for life west coast drew -- roe vs. wade. they headed from the civic center plaza to justin herman plaza. mineta-san jose international airport is trying to find a way to get on sound
9:05 am
financial footing. the mercury news reports that the airportee director of aviation is planning to pay some consultants about $100,000 trying to find a way for the airport to cover its debt on a recent $1.3 billion makeover. they need fresh ideas if growth and cost cutting. >> and are the transportation news, san francisco is starting to ticket drivers who don't feed the meters on sundays. after years of free parking issue a new rule went into affect january 1st. up to new issue the city hasn't been enforcing it, just giving out warnings and not citing as. now, the city -- citations and now the city said the ticketing the begin. they will have 20-meter people out there and you will have to pay to park. >> remember that if you're parking in the city. the tickets are up to $70, even over $70. >> that's right and a group known for attacking a computer network has pulled off another
9:06 am
stunt. they have a specific message. >> reporter: the shadowy group took over the website of the u.s. sentenceing commission, a government agency that advises federal courts they replaced the official text with a message that said a line was crossed when internet prodigy aaron stay with us killed himself this month. -- schwartz killed himself this month. he was facing federal charges for using a m.i.t. computerfo download millions of research papers. on youtube, anonymous explained its attack. >> with aaron's death, we can wait no longer. the time has come to show the united states department of justice and affiliates the true meaning of infit rage. -- infiltration. >> reporter: the group claims
9:07 am
to have downloaded encrypted government files threatening to release them unless there is extensive legal reform. it's hardly the first cause taken up by anonymous. the group disrupted computer networks of vice a mastercard and pay pal for hampering the work of julian assange and wiki eye locations. and releasing evidence related to a rape case in steubenville, ohio. they launched a criminal investigation into the attack saying it's concerned when someone illegally accesses a government agency's network. the sentenceing commission website is back and not working -- working perfectly. anonymous warns the attacks are not over. the message said that there will be change or chaos: >> all right. >> welcome back, counting down to the big game next sunday. the city of new orleans is preparing for the super bowl for two years. >> and it's a lot of work. the projects include a $305 million renovation at the
9:08 am
airport, $336 million in upgrades at the super dome. the city's convention center got a $93 million makeover and $75 million was for sidewalks and streets and street cars. the mayor there said it was a big task but the city is ready. from new speakers and chips and salsa, every fan has a way of getting ready for the big game. the 49er supporters are prepping for the super bowl parties and for most, this means stocking up on gametime munchies. for others, it means buying a brand-new flat screen tv. >> and we added a sound bar. >> preparing for the craziness. >> and decorations are hot sellers as well. the fans say request any good karma to push the 99ers -- 19ers to victory. -- 99ers to victory. we'll have it covered all week on cbs 5. the sports
9:09 am
distributor is in new orleans with vernon glen and michelle griego, mike sugarman is en route and is making his way driving across the country and will file creative reports along the way. the road into the super bowl. >> both sides of the gun control debate are getting ready to sound off on capitol hill later this week. >> and this is bay area women joining the million-mom march, demanding an end to gun violence. >> we have to stop being the stupid parties. >> a high-profile republican leader taking shots at his own party. a member from san francisco's gop responds. >> and there is some light snow at mount shasta and truckee here. nothing but sun. it may feel like snow and chilly in the bay area. the entire forecast is coming up after we pay a bill or two. ,,,,,,
9:10 am
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"go niners ill be rooting f you out on the east coast hoping you kick some butt with the rav 1:00:28 "who' hey, go miners -- go niners. good luck. >> go 9ers, i'll be routeing for you on the east coast,
9:13 am
hoping you kick about the with the ravens. >> who has it about ther than us? nobody! >> our weather forecast is looking fine, too. >> how come the viewers can say kick on the air? >> kick, did you say that? >> our producer says that. >> i'm not going to blaze that trail. looking at numbers in the upper 30s and 40s around the bay area, mostly sunny skies. the winds picked the up and with if you went out, you will notice we had the brisk wind and that kept the skies clear under that bright moon. 45, 43 degrees in concord and 49 in oakland. livermore has 44 degrees and theys are warming up into below 50s and there is a big of a big area in the san jose airport. sunny and chilly start to the day and clear. on the cool side and as we look to the week ahead, the good news to work outside. we have some sunshine this week. a few high clouds on the way from the pacific northwest and these clouds will mostly be
9:14 am
heading to the north and just skirt the bay area. later in the day and towards sunset, we might see a few high clouds and looking for the pretty sunset. we don't look for any rain beyond that and mostly sunny skies earn the bay. heading out, this is looking good and this is from monday. at the ain't, the winds out of the northwest and no delays expected at this moment and rain and denver in chicago and new york's got rain mixed with snow and a high of 36 in the big apple. 55 degrees for us today in santa rosa and sonoma county and travis air force base. 54 degrees at fairfield; 53, lifermore and oakland, 53 in san francisco and in the extended forecast, we have fried eggs for breakfast. and temperatures in the upper 50s by the end of the week and there is not a drop of rain, at least it doesn't look like that and i remember last week, it looked like it was dry. i officially apologize for that and wire forecasting a dry week with a bit of a chance, which is no longer a bit of a chance
9:15 am
when it's all wet in the driveway. >> and you're right. i did get caught in that, too, without an umbrella. >> sorry about that. >> okay. >> speaking of weather, this is a segway. clouds on the horizon for the republican party prompted a fierce warning from one of its own. >> the louisiana governor said the gop needs to compete for every single vote. take a listen. >> we have to stop being the stupid parties. i'm serious, it's time for a new republican party and to articulate and with some offensive and bizarre comments, we've had enough of that. >> and for more of the state of the gop, bill bowen from the san francisco republican party johned us in studio and now that the electionndd, it's debating what to do next. >> and try to move forward. >> and that is probably natural
9:16 am
to have three, four months here of soul searching and it would be unhealthy if we didn't and what he reflects more than anything is the robust state of the party. that may not be apparent in california issue but nationally, we have 30 governors and we control a majority and our presidential candidate won and it's not as if nationally we're starting from nowhere, and i think bobby jindal is one of the party's leading speakers. there is probably nobody in the party that is pleaed with the results in the senate and snatching the defeat out of the jaws of victory and that is what he is referring to. >> and he's referring to the image of the party and you said you have a number of state
9:17 am
governments and when you go national and look at the lineup running for president, for example, that is who he is referring to. we need a party more articulating with the vision rather than being, you know, subjects for saturday night leave j. right. >> and there is no request. the reality is that we have man, many good speakers for the party, and the shame is, in a way, that the way that the campaign unfolded last time with the primaries, the nine people on stage each trying to vie for a sound bite that will carry him was a very disfunctional and damaging ain't of the party. >> it made everyone come -- image of the party. >> it made everyone come forward and say -- this is a negativing this for the party. how do you lift yourselves beyond that? >> one of the things that happened the last week or so is the house passing the bill requiring the senate to pass a
9:18 am
budget. for the last six months, i'll say or more, the republicans in house have been the party saying we have to be the responsible adults here. >> and there hasn't been a companion from the state or a companion -- from the senate or the president. concerned about trillion-dollar deficits and unfunded pension liability. >> let's bring the republican party into the state of california. was up to the state-of-the- state address and you can line the republicans up and they had nothing but good things to say about jerry brown. this is an interesting twist. >> for sure. one rule, no whipping. and -- no whining. the situation we're in, if there is one key rule in california is no shining. you're seeing an element of that -- no whining. it's a good thing where's not a national candidate, it's easier to speak positively about him. he's -- and has fiscal
9:19 am
responsibility, connieconway characterizes it as channeling the inner republican, which is certainly something that we like to see. >> i agree with him, the no whining thing, it tating. >> and as long as jerry brown's not a candidate, they can can say nice things. as bay area moms march for more gun control. >> a massive gun sales shows it, the big turnout this weekend at the events. our political insiders will come back up, gun control debate shaping up on capitol hill. ,,,,,, for the new mattress models,
9:20 am
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with a free breakfast made just the way you like it. with a breakfast like this, you could pretty much handle anything. anything? anything. [ screams ] a rambunctious toddler? of course. uncle ralph? sure. a roman gladiator? you bet. the thing under my bed? why not? ♪ yes. [ female announcer ] get more with embassy suites. book early and save up to 20%. - she's a member of the 49- faithful. . >> who has this better than us. this is cathy. and she has a -- is a proud member of the 49ers faithful. >> and some show us they're
9:22 am
raising it right. >> and thanks for sharing. >> and they're cute. coop them coming. upload your photos to our website. and dozens of shoe people walked along san francisco's waterfront this weekend to show support for gun control and organized by 1 million moms and show solidarity and where they joined in with then demandingak. >> if it can happen in newtown, it can happen in any town and city and in any state. >> it's leading to huge crowds at gun shows earn the country and that is about the second amendment and that new laws will take away their right to bear arms and this wednesday, beat sides can waveway in on the new proposals andha is when congress will hold a hearing on gun violence.
9:23 am
>> and we it you were to the former mayor willie brown and chief greg, sir. with the gun control debate raging, the first question was are any of the laws proposed? >> and if they were national and the guns were not available at all, maybe. we have many of the laws that are sought and that is in california. we were the strictest in the country. >> the newtown killing, the mother was the one who brought the guns and have would passed the legal requirements to get them. >> and like the new new york law, if the psychiatrist hears someone that is a threat, the christ reports what is the case now and what they call when someone is a danger and if the household that the person resides in, that the person the household they reside in, they can't have guns in the house
9:24 am
and they would not have been available to him. >> this is a test to issue even in california. some of the congressional people are in the districts and could have trouble if this goes to a vote. >> well, of course you would have trouble. and my guess is that most people are going to back away from accepting the nra recommendations and nra directions. most people have been in favor of trying to protect all of us. >> if you can sit there and didn't have to go through congress and didn't have to do a lot of thing, did you have the constitution to do -- you have the constitution to deal, what would you recommend and order? >> i would like to see the bank of alpter net sales and sales face-to-face, background checks and some waiting periods be standardized across the country. i will like to see the old assault weapons ban across the country and i think that the other piece to it, i think, we have to have psychological
9:25 am
profilings for some folks that shouldn't have guns can get access to guns. >> and interestingly enough, though, the people who are still in the -- doing the mass killings are not people who have been exposed to his guys. >> right. >> they're not guys -- >> right. coming out of the woodwork. >> that is correct. and you will -- you can't, if someone steals a gun, and deside -- decides to use it. >> how do you find what you do about that situation where people can legally buy them. when we come back, we'll look at this morning's top stories. >> and that includes the mighty 49ers. catching an important flight today. the countdown to the super bowl is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:26 am
9:27 am
set off by the band started
9:28 am
deadly fire insid . welcome back. let's look at the top stories. >> authorities believe a fireworks set off started a deadly night club fire in a night club in brazil. 232 people were killed and that number is downgraded but hundreds more are injured. nine men people were in the club when that started at 2 and some ran into bathrooms and ended up suffocating. locally, a two-year-old boy and his mother were shot and wounded last night in menlo park. he was in the lap when the car opened fire on them. the police think the motive may have been gang-related. the mother and child have leg injuries and the child with a grave wound to the head. 92 a few hours, the 49ers are flying to new orleans and they're facing the ravens next sunday and they will start boring buss at 11 this morning.
9:29 am
and that is in santa clara and there are fans lined up there and -- . >> that is a big sendoff. >> the readings in the 50s in the bay area and starting off chilly, we'll finish with 56 in oakland; 53 in the city and 55 in san jose. the extended forecast, looking at sunny side up all week and high and dry. >> and some more 9er fan photos to share with you. meet frankie. he's cute and this is jamie who sent in the photo. frank is from san mateo, a 49er faithful lion. >> and check out this photo of some young 9 erfans. juanita sent it in. >> cute. and we will like to see your super bowl fan photos. e-mail them to us or upload the photos to our website, this is the time for


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